Tokyo's ‘Blue Grotto’ Illumination

Recreating a piece of Italy in Naka-Meguro

By Steve Morton    - 1 min read

Taking its inspiration from Italy’s Grotta Azzura (Blue Cavern), the Naka-Meguro’s ‘Ao-no-Dokutsu’ Illumination represents one of the newest additions to Tokyo’s ever popular winter sparkle.

Famous for its beautiful cherry blossoms during the spring, you will be able to witness the spectacle of the Naka River being magically transformed into a giant ‘Blue Cavern’ by over 400,000 blue LEDs reflecting brightly of the water’s surface.

With its very distinctive blue glow, this is a great time to stroll along this picturesque river where many pleasant cafes and restaurants provide the perfect spot to soak up the ‘moody and ambient’ atmosphere.

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