Sonrise Cafe

When you miss espresso coffee and Aussie accents...

By Yui Yamaguchi    - 1 min read

I made a small trip to visit Sonrise Cafe which is located just five minutes walk from Toubu Tojo Line Oyama Station. The walls are painted pink and yellow, creating a pop atmosphere which is very unique in Japan. They use Illy's gourmet coffee beans. I love having a nice cappuccino and their selection of biscuits, but I should come back again because their sweets and sandwiches are very attractive as well.

Owen, the owner of the cafe, is from Australia. He hasn't lost his Aussie accent, and hearing it brings back memories of this warm country. I stayed there too long because of his fluent Japanese as well as his friendly character. There are many events organized at the cafe which you can check on their website, including English classes, the Friday night live concerts and more at this beloved cafe.

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Yui Yamaguchi

Yui Yamaguchi @iyu.mura

Born & grew up in Kumamoto, Yui studied and worked in Osaka before immigrating to Australia. She lived in Adelaide and Sydney prior to moving to Brisbane. Her passion is reporting on the great things of Kumamoto and Japan to everyone around the world in a serious, interesting and funny way. Her favorite travel writer is Makoto Shina.   熊本生まれ、熊本育ち、大阪に学び職務経験を積み、オーストラリアに移住。アデレード、シドニーを経て、ブリズベン在住。熊本、また日本のすばらしいところを国内、海外にまじめに、面白、おかしく発信したいと思っています。好きなトラベルライターは椎名誠。

Original by Yui Yamaguchi