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About Nakano

Just a stop away from Shinjuku, Nakano is a quiet neighborhood best known for Nakano Broadway, a mall lined with current and vintage shops selling anime merchandise — most notably from secondhand giant Mandarake. For those unable to find what you want at Akihabara, this is the place to be.

Anime and manga lovers know Akihabara as the mecca of all things animated in Japan, but fewer know that Nakano can hold its own as well. With comics, clothes, figurines spread over three floors, there is no shortage of goods for even the most hardcore fans.

Not just a place for otakus, Nakano offers a trip into vintage Tokyo as many small shops and houses dotting the streets. A stroll down the alleys provides an intimate connection with the old Tokyo — a trait shared by many smaller neighborhoods in the capital.

Nakano is also a ramen haven, with more than 50 shops ranging from chains to independent ones. Get your ramen fix away from the crowd and enjoy your meal in peace.

Due to its proximity to downtown Tokyo, it's easy to take an afternoon to explore Nakano, where you might find the nondescript but quirky town a better companion than its noisy neighbors.