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Chill out at Inokashira Park in Tokyo's hipster neighborhood

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Woodberry's, Kichijoji 6

Woodberry's, Kichijoji

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Woodberry's (link in Japanese) is a frozen yogurt shop located in the trendy neighborhood of Kichijoji in Western Tokyo. The..




About Kichijoji

Kichijoji lies west of Shinjuku — a little quiet but never out of sight. This neighborhood is often described as one of the most desirable to live in, and it's not hard to understand why.

Inokashira Park is a picturesque park mere minutes away from Kichijoji Station, and visitors flock there to breathe in the fresh air. Its sprawling grounds are especially bustling during spring, where cherry blossoms paint the park pink and white, making it a premium spot for hanami (flower viewing). In autumn, the park transforms into a flaming facade of red, yellow, and orange.

At the center of the park is a lake where visitors can hop into boats and row along the relaxing stream, a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Surrounding the park are various cafes that offer various food and beverage options complementing a day out.

Across the lake is the Inokashira Zoo for all animal lovers and the Studio Ghibli Museum for the Hayao Miyazaki fans. 

For those up for shopping, there are two shopping arcades lining Kichijoji that offer local delights and fashion accessories. At Harmonica Alley, the bars come alive after the sun sets and provide solace for those needing a drink or entertainment.

Despite the crowds, Kichijoji retains its sense of calm and does not fall to the wild side, unlike other Tokyo areas, which makes it a great location for family outings. Cap off a weekend with a visit to Kichijoji to recharge for the week ahead.