Seiun-ji Temple in Toi, Izu

Enjoy the peace of a neighbourhood Buddhist temple

By Peter Sidell    - 1 min read

Toi is a quiet old onsen town on the west coast of Izu, a place where people come to relax, take in the scenery, and soak in hot spring baths, at traditional inns or more modern hotels such as Itoen Hotel.

There's little sightseeing in the town: the only tourist attraction per se is the gold mine, but if you're walking around, there are also a couple of interesting Buddhist temples, of which Seiun-ji is one.

Set back from the main road and surrounded by trees, it has a peaceful atmosphere, and several interesting, attractive features: Buddhist statues, variously cute and serene; an impressive vermilion gate, with a statue watching over visitors from above; and beautifully intricate, detailed wooden carvings under the eaves of the worship hall.

If you're in Toi, it's definitely worth taking an hour or two out of your bathing time to visit this temple and nearby Anraku-ji.

Getting there

The temple is just off the main road that comes into Toi from the east, about ten minutes' walk from the town's information office and the giant flower clock.

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