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Kawazu Nanadaru Seven Waterfalls

Izu peninsula is well known for the amazing coastal views but the inland is just as good and the Kawazu nanadaru waterfall trail is perfect to prove it.

Tokyo Station

Tokyo Station, the main train terminal and also a major bus terminal, transporting people to other cities in Japan, is more than just a station. Shops, restaurants, museums, and the Imperial Palace, are just a few places of the many in and around the station that are worth visiting.

The Beautiful Landscape of Azumino

Close to Matsumoto in central Japan s Nagano prefecture, Azumino is an attractive area of countryside, with a peaceful atmosphere and a range of interesting sights

Delta Plans For Seattle to Osaka

Delta Air Lines, a member of the Sky Team alliance, plans to fly from Seattle to Osaka-Kansai in Japan from 2019 although no firm date has been given.

Wagashi Making in Matsue

Ever wanted to try your hand at making traditional Japanese sweets? At the Karakoro Art Studio in Matsue, you re able to do just that. Seasoned wagashi making professionals will guide you through the process step by step, to ensure you make some tasty and aesthetically pleasing eats!

Shitamachi Tanabata Matsuri 2018

Stretching from Ueno to Asakusa, Shitamachi Tanabata features countless decorations, dancing, food and streets and live performances. It s a great way to soak in the summer in the streets of Old Tokyo.

Escape to Ome

Ome, an hour s ride from central Tokyo, welcomes you with lush greenery and surrounding mountains. But the catch is, you re still very much in Tokyo, just away from the main hustle-bustle and into scared peaks.


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