Old Akizuki Castle Town

Asakura's quiet historic center

By Tristan Scholze   Aug 17, 2014

Akizuki’s castle is long gone, but the town still thrives with a few quiet historic streets lined with cafés, museums, souvenir shops, remnants of the castle, and of course, cherry trees. Other than the imaginative connection in name to Princess Yuki of the Akizuki clan in Akira Kurosawa's 1958 film The Hidden Fortress, there are many small pieces of interest scattered around this part of Asakura. In a short afternoon you can visit the main sights, have lunch, and enjoy a leisurely stroll through the old castle district. The map pin is the location of the visitor parking lot.


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Kim B a month ago
I'm really interested in the pottery down that way - I'm headed to Kyushu later this year and can't wait to pick some up!
Andrew Choi 2 years ago
looks peaceful!
Tristan Scholze Photographer 2 years ago
Yes, it makes for a quieter afternoon strolling along small-town roads and traditional shops!
Victoria Vlisides 2 years ago
A great spot to note in Fukuoka
Tristan Scholze Photographer 2 years ago
Yes, a memorable visit! I often use the pottery I got during my visit there--keeps the memory going.
Reyzi Enditya 2 years ago
looks peacefull..
Tristan Scholze Photographer 2 years ago
It's a pretty little town. And there were very few people the day of the pictures!
Diana Vardanashvili 3 years ago
Very beautiful place and your photos is awesome. Very well reflects the mood of the environment. Respect!
Tristan Scholze Photographer 2 years ago
Thank you very much!