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Toyohashi's Tezutsu Hanabi

Toyohashi's hand held Tezutsu fireworks are believed to have originated as a form of battlefield and inter castle communication smoke devices called “Noroshi”.

Adachi Fireworks

Annually over 600,000 people assemble to watch one of the most popular firework festivals by the Arakawa river in Tokyo's Adachi ward.

Kawasaki Daishi Furin-ichi

Every July, for 5 days, the famous Kawasaki Daishi Temple holds a furin-ichi, or Wind Chime Market. There are approximately 900 varieties from 50 locations around Japan.

Ogose Summer Festival

The Ogose Summer Festival is an annual event with fireworks, floats, and fun for everyone. Held in late July in Saitama, the festival combines small town charm with the joys of summer.  

Daigaku Festival at Ikune Shrine

Centering around an impressive array of almost a hundred lanterns, this is a festival worth a trek to attend. If traditional Japanese entertainment isn't your thing, try your hand at festival games or eat some street food.

Tanabe Festival

The Tanabe Festival takes place every year on the 24th and 25th of July in Tanabe City. During the festivities various processions take place around the city.

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